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Page 15 delay

I know the day is not yet over, but it's looking like page 15 is going to be a day late. I'm a full time student on top of this project and work, and as the semester comes to a close, I'm getting slammed with overdue work.

The lines are nearly done, but I need to take a break to catch up on two photoshop assignments and a unity assignment, some late by more than a week. :/

Thankfully it's Thanksgiving break, so page 15 will be up tomorrow for sure.

In other news, the first chapter is going to be getting a major makeover pretty soon. Due to my failure to read and annotate the Vendetta's Rise novel correctly, all the foliage in chapter 1 is green, when it should have been autumn the whole time. Shouldn't be a difficult fix, but definitely a noticeable change.

posted by NutmegPirate @ November 21st, 2017, 4:38 pm  -  0 Comments

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